(from July 2008 to June 2009)

Netanel Gilad

Elisha Shlomo

Welcome to the new arrival! Boy, have we got plans for you, girl!

Two boys in one towel, pretending to be two cats... miow Natty! miow Eli!

fast asleep...
What a snug duvet, and something very comfortable turned up as a pillow...

fast asleep...
...I threw my duvet out a while back... now it's gone! I wonder where to?

Eli... the water's great! Where are you?...

...I'm blowing up some bubbles for your blown-up pool!

Listen to music from mummy's headphones!...

...or make some of your own!

Cakes again, this time for Shavuot... chocolate cake mix...
...all over your white T-Shirt! I've chosen vanilla for my brown T-Shirt!

Two savtas for two boys...
...shame it's not two socks for two feet!

Lag Ba'omer - not only do we get to draw our own bonfire

...but we get to eat 'smallows' from a real one!

I'm back after a busy day at gan!...

...I must have taken a wrong turning somewhere!

Mummy and I are making the Yom Ha'atzmaut cake...
...Oy Oy Oy! The eggs will be so dizzy going round and round!

Getting ready for Yom Ha'atzmaut by putting a flag on my car...

...um... where is my car?!

Matza with chocolate spread gives you energy for the park...

...I've eaten the chocolate spread, but I still don't have energy for the Matza!

Cleaning everywhere for Pesach...

...but thank G-D we can still make a mess outside!

If we hide in here, they'll never find out who threw the sheets onto the floor!

Checking out the available options for hiding the afikoman.

Flying back from Eilat, above the clouds, feeling like the plane was just for me...

...having been under the waves, feeling like the fish and coral were just for me!

Spiderman, the butterfly fairy, and a lion play Purim songs on Auntie Joy's Steinway... just don't forget to clean out the Bamba before Pesach!

Better replant our Tu Bishvat sapling before Purim...

...and take things out of the fridge ready for Mishloach Manot!

A family outing to the Science Museum... so many buttons to press...
...but we're still going to fight over the coffee machine buttons when we get home!

Auntie Deb has come to Israel to sort out a new government...
...and I recommend Ayelet be put in charge of the Ministry Of Hugs!

Voting can be fun... if you help put the envelope in the box...

...or dangerous... if you heckle the Yisrael Beitenu (Lieberman) candidate!

Tu Bishvat at gan... we've planted lettuce, but there's not a drop of water in sight!
...Then I guess I'll just have to pull them up and eat them now!

We're building a hotel out of blocks...
...and the ball-room is going to have green pillars!

Who cares that it's not our birthday! We're eating the cakes anyway!

Savta, don't go!...
...at least, not before putting both of us in your case!

A quiet weekend back home, cutting the grass...

...and catching up with my email!

Saba and Savta's garden in England is a great place to ride a tricycle...

...and their sofa is a great place to eat a sticky chocolate cake!

First night Chanukah... we're using our presents to play Maoz Tzur!

Getting ready with a Chanukah candle in each hand!...

...and an oily chipstick in each hand!

Defragmenting the sheep on your hard disk is best left to professionals such as myself...

...and even installing applications such as StarOffice should be left to a junior technician!

Oh no! Not haircut time again!

It's my first one! Getting a biscuit made it all worthwhile.

Eli, no more climbing off the balcony...

...plenty of other places for mischief, though

Eli, come and see what a bittermint tastes like!

It'll have to wait until I've finished identifying the subtle flavors of this suntan lotion

Let's both draw pictures of daddy...
...you've got the eyes right, but I've drawn the nose better!

Emma, how are you meant to eat these things?

Mummy, how are you meant to eat with these things?

Waiting for Saba to turn up to his birthday party!

I don't get this... we clean up the leaves outside...

...and shake more on the floor inside?

Another amateur job... this Succa isn't level

Hold tight! I'll collect evidence for the public enquiry

Eli sit down! I can't see where we're going!
Don't worry! I know what I'm doing! Walk backwards and I'll guide you!

I think I'll need new shoes for the new year...

Which savta should I call first?

The fly screen was trivial - pass the bolt cutters, and we're out of here!

Joe is coming back to work in Israel... let's get his tractor warmed up!
Wow! We can use it to break the side of my cot... using my head didn't go too well.

Thanks, girls, for the train set!

Thanks, Beth, for the birthday cake!

I'm the King of the Castle!

No I'm not! I've just had a clean nappy.

L'chaim! Your first visit to a swimming pool!
Today, arm-bands... tomorrow, the Olympics!

Two more laps on these, then we ask for the car keys!

Wow! The rate that our family are arriving, we'll need a bigger country soon!

Thinking of jumping in with the rabbits at the petting zoo...

Having jumped into the tris hosing-down at home!

A house of our own, on the grass!
But why is there only one set of crockery?

I'm digging an escape tunnel under the sofa

Why not just cut through the fence?

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