(from July 2007 to July 2008)

Look Eli! Here comes the cake!

At least once a year we get something decent to eat!

My third birthday party at Gan!

Not fair. I'm going to have to wait months for just my first one!

I'm going to complain about the lack of privacy in our new bath...
...and I'm going to complain that I can't find the plug to yank out!

Here Eli, a biscuit for you...try it, you'll like it...
...I do. Now, where are you hiding the rest of the packet?

Back home (again!)... who made such a mess while I was away?...
...at least I'm now checking that you don't miss any of it!

This week, we come to you from two different locations...
I'm back at Schneider, improving my drawing...

...and I'm at home, improving my crawling!

Politics is simple... I stuff envelopes full of cash...

...and I get a Mr. M. Mouse to do the delivery.

I'm back home - time to put the toys back in order...
Finally someone who can show me how to do it!

Thank you for delegating 'Woof' to keep me company during my hospital stay
If I find a single needle hole in him, I'm going to give those nurses what for!

All the Israeli cousins celebrating Israel's 60th birthday.... tasty BBQ, but Puk-Puk was in hiding!

This painting is called 'boy who wouldn't keep still'
If I'd known I'd be here for so long, I'd have chosen something tastier to chew!

With this much horse-power, why are we still stuck in the lounge?

Worker and.......... Trainee and.......... Supervisor!

Rosh Chodesh Nissan... Pesach is around the corner...
Time to clean the car...

...and look everywhere for chametz!

If we bang hard enough, maybe mum will bring us some food!
Can't we just eat the drum-sticks?

Purim Meshulash Seuda at Savta and Zeide...
Emunah doesn't want to play with my ladybird...

...and Gavriel isn't interested in doing proper push-ups!

For Purim, I dressed up as a lion for gan...

...then we both wore funny hats to hear the Megila.

Excuse me, could you please pass the salt?

Saving water has its fringe benefits

Saba & Savta are in town...
I get noodles with sweet & sour sauce for dinner...

...and I get taken to a milk restaurant for my lunchtime bottle!

Watch as I demonstrate how to work up a great lather...

...with a rinse like that, you can forget any tip!

Time to close the case... it seems I've packed everything...

...here's one thing you forgot... now... make some room for my toys!.

Found you! Hiding in the washing basket!
...next time, must remember to hide under the clothes!

If there's no gan today, then why are we the only ones in the park?

How did you get so big?
I was going to ask you exactly the same question!

For today's science lesson, I will be demonstrating elasticity...

...and I will be showing the effect of gravity on a common white fluid.

And Eli, when you're older, I'll explain to you how to get the whole cow out of the bottle

I've been working on my computer

While I've been working on my suntan!

With my mum, on a train, in the zoo! How exciting!

What's the big fuss? I might as well be asleep in my cot.

Look, puk-puk, our own bed! Anyone want to argue about that?

Yes. How are you both going to manage with only one RJ45 network socket?

Chankuah's here... I get to play with trucks...

...and Debra and Meron get to play with me!

Putting out the red carpet...

...for our Savta Lilo!

Abi shows me how to shovel food in...

...and Judith helps me get it out again!

"Oi! This is my side of the page!"

"My nappy's fine, the smell is coming from over there."
"Yup. Small. Silent. But very deadly."

"Hey Eli! Watch me pull a fast one on our parents by hiding in your car seat!"
"Oh no! I'm about to be taken to Gan and get trampled on by your classmates!"

"Just wait, Eli... first gust of wind, and we'll be out of here!"
"If this is such a great idea, then why isn't it also tied around your leg?"

"Come on Eli, can't you keep up with my push-ups?"
"You've had two years' more training than me!"

Today the bath, tomorrow the floor!

Now that really would be an eye-opener!

Wow! It's the one day of the year we're actually told
to bash things.What are you waiting for?

I'm waiting to wake up.

Won't you come and help me with the Succah?

I am. Here, I'll show you how to sleep in it.

Britot are fun. I got a balloon!

...and I've got a suspicious feeling about this white outfit

Introducing... what do you mean you don't have a name yet?

Back to Gan... Do you think they missed me?

The 'Meron & Natty' squad spring into action!

I wonder if all the hair they cut off me is now inside the hay trailer?

No-one is going to steal the limelight on my website!

Don't they realize that I'm going to make a new mess as soon as I finish cleaning up the old one?

I prefer the blue hat - it's great to be seen in... or not.

Enjoying parachute games at my second, second birthday party, at gan.

I've ordered a bowl of humous... and 24 cans of Sprite!

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