(from July 2006 to July 2007)
Netanel Gilad (Nathaniel) - Second year

And this year, I'm allowed to cut my own birthday cake!

The graduation ceremony... at the end of my first year in Gan!

A garden sprinkler... the best way to end a stupidly hot week!

I blinked... and it's great to see them back again!

...and on the count of three, I want the rest of you out of the storage box and lined up for inspection.

I'll let the TV distract my cousin Ayelet, as I power my way to the end of the watermelon.

It's really irritating not having a drive-thru fridge.

What do you mean 'important specifications'? I was just practicing for my school report!

Finally, a child-proof bath!

OK, Boaz. You take the High Road, and I'll take the Low Road.

Wow! This is a great restaurant my Saba and Savta chose.
And at age 21 (months), I can order an apertif with my filet steak.

Yom Ha'atzmaut, sitting with in the garden with Sharon and Avia, eyeing the food on the BBQ.

Inspecting the elephant my Savta is drawing for me.

Finally a fitting partner for the 'Birdie Song'...

On a Matza ramble with my Israeli cousins

Helping out with the Pesach cleaning

Must remember to..... blow!

Not much of a flurry... but it's the most snow I've seen all year.

Racing my cousin Beth to my cousin Ayelet's Bat-Mitzvah.

How many times do I have to tell you to stay away from the deep end?

Mum! I've found the new toy for my cot!

I wonder if I can coax chicken out of his box with some Bamba?

The best pita has humous and stuff in it... and is the one my mum made for herself.

If it's Tu Bishvat, then they must be hiding the real trees somewhere.

Shhhhhhhhh! I'm hiding in this box... just in case they're planning to cut off any more of my hair.

I got sent home from Gan with this in my hair... are they implying that it's time for a haircut?

Singing in the rain...

I've been asked to keep my uncle Monty entertained for a few minutes...

Back on a plane, visiting my family in England...
I've no complaints about the legroom... but where is the TellyTubbies channel?

Why won't they let me light this one?

Welcome to Nattyland! (under the dining-room table)

I'm still trying to work out which is my best side!

Enough pita. Time to order Pizza.

One mention of 'Pesach', and it's time to fill up on Pita....

The cot is definitely more comfortable.

Trying to change horse in mid-race...

Trick or Treat?

This dog is fun... even if it doesn't have any buttons.

Can I bring one home for the bath?

TV Dinner followed by TV Dessert. Finally someone is paying attention to my demands.

Why doesn't this succah have a real light switch?

Now I've got a real computer desk, it's time to make some serious discoveries!

Hair's wishing you all a ShaNatty Tova!

Zeidi might have a two-seater 'toy' car, but my toy car has only one seat!

Now that I've shown Nirit, my new Gannenet that I know what to do with a pen, maybe she'll tell me where the computer is?

Is smiling contagious?

I've worked out how to visit my Savta without having to give up my hand baggage!

I'm stuffing my face - on my uncle Malcolm's doctor's orders.

My father came back from a trip up North... and all I got was this ropey old belt!

Brushing teeth is more fun than I expected!

A big smile as I direct events down here on the lounge floor.

What do you mean "it's food"? I thought it was face paint.

My fourth tooth! And all I got was this lousy ice pole!

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